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Chox Info

Cosmic Creature Chocolate Company was founded upon three key beliefs: wholeness of our products, transparency of our ingredients, honesty in our profits.



We refuse to contribute to the fog of ingredient proportions, and purposes. Our company provides not only the nutritional facts for each product we sell, but we go further than any other company by providing the percentages of each ingredient in each of our products, giving our customers full transparency into the chocolate he/she desires to purchase. This removes the veil of ambiguity many chocolate companies hide behind in order to sell overly sugared, low cocoa content to consumers, unaware of the high quality prices being paid for “cheap chocolate.”



Cosmic Creature Chocolate Company is on a mission to find the most delicious, and healthiest harmony of ingredients for our chocolate products. We find the happy medium between healthy vegan and mouthwatering delicious. Our choices in ingredients are ruled on whether it is universally acceptable, while still fulfilling the need for a desirable taste.



Cosmic Creature Chocolate Company understands each baker, chef, and candy maker wants a unique taste, and in the case of chocolate a flavor of their own. No chocolate company would halt daily production to create a product specifically for an individualized company. It’s too expensive (not really.) The companies believe it is time consuming (it’s not). These chocolate companies claim to specialize their “baking chocolate” for professional use, yet are not willing to specialize their recipes, or flavors to fit the needs of clients.

But we do. Cosmic Creature Chocolate Company is the only company readily available to creature a chocolate for your desired purposes. Whether you need a small batch to fulfill a set of small orders or a large volume to fulfill your entire production line, we will creature a chocolate specifically for your organizational needs.



How/where do I store my chocolate once I receive it?

We recommend storing your chocolate in a cool, dry place (between 55-70 degrees Fahrenheit). It is strongly advised not to store your chocolate in the refrigerator, freezer, and of course, any area hotter than 75 degrees (definitely not in the sun).


How do I prepare chocolate for baking?

If you are planning to use the chocolate to baking with other ingredients such as butter, milk, you simply have to melt the chocolate. However, if you plan to use the chocolate for coating, or decorations, you will need to temper your chocolate. Simply put, tempering chocolate is the process of melting the chocolate, then gradually cooling it to a working temperature (which varies depending on the type of chocolate you use). Below you will find link to two videos on how to temper chocolate using the two most common methods; the seeding method and the tabling method.




How do I fix seized chocolate?

In the event that your chocolate has seized, which is to say your chocolate became stiff while working with it, it is most likely due to the chocolate being exposed to water. To fix this problem, add small amounts of melted cocoa butter (we do not recommend other oils because they may change the taste of the chocolate, i.e. coconut oil) until the chocolate begins to soften and become more usable once more. Then, you MUST re-temper the batch of chocolate, which can be done easily using the seeding method (refer to the video above).

How do I prepare fondue/coating chocolate?

Unlike our baking chocolate products, you do not have to temper the fondue/coating grade chocolate products. In order to warm the chocolate, scoop the needed amount of chocolate into a microwaveable bowl and place it in the microwave on medium power between 20 and 30 seconds. If the chocolate is not fully melted, stir for 20 seconds, then reheat the chocolate for 15 more seconds Do not exceed this time because it can lead to burning the chocolate. Once the chocolate is fully melted, it is ready for use. 



Shipping Terms and Conditions

Because chocolate is a sweet (and temperature vulnerable) product, we place freezer packs in each shipment, and stress that all products must be delivered within 2-3 business days of shipping, the maximum range to safely rely on the freezer packs to keep the chocolate from melting in transit. We only ship our chocolate products on Mondays (or Tuesday if Monday is a holiday) to prevent the chances of your product arriving late or possibly damaged during extended holding times by the carrier on weekends. 


What if my order arrives damaged or melted?

If your order arrives damaged or melted, please let us know by emailing us at along with your order number so we can make things better! Sometimes, bad things happen to good people, which is why we are committed to either refund you the purchase price or send you replacements. We leave it to our customers to choose.


Can I track my order once it’s shipped?

Yes! We use USPS for all our shipping solutions to ensure that every package receives a product tracking number. Once your item(s) are shipped, you will receive an email confirming the shipment with the corresponding tracking number(s).


What happens if I do not receive my package?

In the event that your package doesn’t arrive by at the least the day after the designated date, send us a message through our Contact Us page, along with the order number, shipping tracking number, and we will take it from there.


Do you provide international shipping?

Not yet. We are still working on creating an affordable and time-reliable shipping solution for international orders. However, if you are interested in ordering our products and live outside of the United States, email us at and we will find a solution for you. :)


Return and Refund Policy


If I am unsatisfied with a product/received the wrong product(s), can I return them?


We make it easy to return the product:

  1. Send us an email at, please provide the order number, and reason why you are dissatisfied.

  2. Within 24-48 Hours you will receive an email from us providing mailing instructions, complete with a prepaid shipping label to mail us back the original product.

  3. Once we receive shipping confirmation, we will either mail the desired product to you, or issue a refund, depending on which option you choose.



Cosmic Creature Chocolate Company is dedicated to provide only the best chocolate to our customers. If for any reason, you are not satisfied, feel free to return the product to get another product, or to receive a refund.